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By on January 28, 2014

Getting to Ketchikan, Alaska from Seattle, Washington on Alaska Airlines is easy any day of the week. Tickets average $243.70 one way. Make your flight reservations early and watch for web specials to ensure the best airfare rate!

Flights to Ketchikan on Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines Photo / The  Boeing “Salmon-Thirty-Salmon,” sporting the glimmering image of a wild Alaska king salmon, is among the world’s most intricately painted commercial airplanes.

Flights TO Ketchikan (KTN) on Alaska Airlines

  • Alaska  #65 Departs SEA 6:55 am / Arrives KTN 8:06 am
  • Alaska #179 Departs SEA 10:35 am / Arrives KTN 11:34 am*
  • Alaska #173 Departs SEA 2:05 pm / Arrives KTN 3:05 pm
  • Alaska #67 Departs SEA 3:25 pm / Arrives KTN 4:30 pm

Flights FROM Ketchikan (KTN) on Alaska Airlines

  • Alaska #60 Departs KTN 9:10 am / Arrives SEA 12:05 pm
  • Alaska #178 Departs KTN 12:30 pm / Arrives SEA 3:17 pm*
  • Alaska #62 Departs KTN 1:30 pm / Arrives SEA 4:22 pm
  • Alaska #174 Departs KTN 3:58 pm / Arrives SEA 6:51 pm
  • Alaska #64 Departs KTN 6:55 pm / Arrives SEA 9:45 pm

* Ideal Alaska Airlines flights for arrival and departure at Chinook Shores Lodge.

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