Waterfront Accommodations in Ketchikan Alaska

By on January 1, 2018

Coming soon! Our luxury apartment offers waterfront access, private pier and dock with rental boat. This is a premier property with exclusivity and privacy. To the south direction Knudson Cove Marina is an eighth of a mile down the beach from this property, and to the north you’ll find Southeast Exposure and Chinook Shores Lodge outfitters who can supply you with everything you need to experience the beauty and excitment of Ketchikan, Alaska.

Newly construction in 2019: This basement apartment sleep two people and feature amazing views, luxury accommodations, outdoor sitting areas, covered porch and a private hot tub.
Your access to boating, fishing, sightseeing or wildlife viewing is just steps away.
Our neighbors, Southeast Exposure, offer kayak rentals and zip line tours.
Fuel is easily accessible @ Knudson Cove Marina.
21′ Rental Boat: Fishing is just 10-45 minutes away and the Chinook Shores Lodge crew is always ready to assist you.

For more information about self-guided fishing boat rentals with waterfront accommodations in Ketchikan, Alaska designed for independent travelers, couples or small group sizes of one or two people, contact Nadra Angerman at Chinook Shores Lodge.

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