Planning an Alaska fishing vacation? Alaska is like no other destination in the world. Amazing fishing opportunities and untouched wilderness make it a popular place for all types of travelers, from families with an interest in wildlife, to professional sportsmen. As long as you are well-prepared, you will enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

An Alaska vacation that includes fishing is a great way to experience the best that Alaska has to offer. Staying in a comfortable fishing lodge with easy access to the best areas for fishing is the only way to fully experience the unique environment. Halibut and salmon are found in abundance in the cold waters, giving you the best chances for catching the fish of your dreams.

A fishing vacation in Alaska is best enjoyed with the help of professional sportsmen who can direct you to the hot fishing spots and keep your party away from bad weather. Fishing lodges that also offer chartered boat services are a great option, offering easy access from the lodge to the water. These types of lodges are perfect for families who may not all want to fish. While the fish are being caught, the rest of the family can relax in a comfortable lodge.

While self-guided tours are available, they are best left to the experts who have extensive experience with open-water fishing. These types of tours often include everything you need for the trip, from the rod and tackle, to life preservers and nautical maps. These and other miscellaneous items are also included in guided fishing tours.

In preparation for your Alaska fishing trip, find a company who offers all of the services that you are interested in. Purchasing a package deal which includes the cost of your accommodations, the boat trip and your fishing gear, makes it easy to get ready for your trip. Simply bring warm clothes and you’ll be set for everything you need to get the most out of your vacation.

Make sure you purchase your trip through a reputable company who has extensive experience with fishing in Alaska. By purchasing a package from a high quality tour company, you’ll be set for a fishing trip like no other.

Jeff's family is the original owner of the lodge property, purchasing the land from the Federal Government in the 1940′s. Jeff started fishing every summer with his grandfather in the 80's, and was instantly hooked on fishing. Over the years, visiting friends and family would all comment to Jeff, “Wow you should really build a fishing lodge here.” One day in 2005 he did. Today Jeff's property and the land he developed has become known as Chinook Shores — an Alaska fishing lodge for guided and self-guided anglers.