The preparation you’ll need for your Alaska fishing trip depends on the type of trip you have planned.  Fishing lodges are perfect for those who are looking for a high-quality fishing experience that has easy access to the hottest fishing spots with both chartered and unchartered boats.  These professionally run establishments offer an authentic fishing experience with expert sportsmen who know the tricks to making the catch.

Most fishing trips in Alaska include everything that you need, including rods, tackle, and any necessary lifesaving equipment.  Some include meals and snacks during the trip; however, you may need to bring one meal of your own in addition to the boat’s offerings.

Warm clothes that are easily layered are a must for Alaska, as the temperatures can vary greatly from day to night.  Be prepared for wet weather any time of the year, and make sure to include comfortable and waterproof footwear.  Since most fishing trips begin early in the morning, you’ll want to be prepared for a damp, chilly start to the day.

The sun can be quite bright in Alaska, making sun protection a must for everyone.  Be sure to bring polarized eyewear and sunscreen for proper protection.

Prior to your departure for Alaska, take a look at the surrounding area for local dining, entertainment and shopping opportunities.  Fresh seafood, locally brewed beer, and other fine foods and artwork are easily found in Alaska, offering excellent ideas for gifts and souvenirs.  Unique historical sites and museums also provide wonderful entertainment for those visiting town.  With a peak into the local life, you can have the chance to learn as much as possible about this beautiful land.

Make the most out of your trip to Alaska by being prepared with a trip that offers everything you are looking for.  For comfortable accommodations and a fishing trip like no other, consider a fishing lodge that offers everything needed to make your trip memorable.

Whether you are fishing for huge halibut or popular Coho salmon, have your fish butchered onsite and shipped back to your home.  As a simple alternative, visitors can include their catch in the checked baggage on the return flight home.

For more information about preparing for your Alaska fishing trip, ask your fishing lodge for details or research your location online.

Jeff's family is the original owner of the lodge property, purchasing the land from the Federal Government in the 1940′s. Jeff started fishing every summer with his grandfather in the 80's, and was instantly hooked on fishing. Over the years, visiting friends and family would all comment to Jeff, “Wow you should really build a fishing lodge here.” One day in 2005 he did. Today Jeff's property and the land he developed has become known as Chinook Shores — an Alaska fishing lodge for guided and self-guided anglers.