Trolling is typically done between depths of 20′ to 100′ depending on target species. A 4-6 oz. lead is used for shallow trolling and Down Riggers are used to reach depths below 30′. We generally use a spoon or a double hook leader with a herring or hoochies. Typically a flasher is used 3′-5′ above the leader when trolling with herring or a hoochie. Some of the flashers used are Abe&Als, Hot Spots, Fish Flash, and Herring Dodgers. Recommended flasher types and colors vary between species and changes from year to year. We will have on the boat what’s been hot when you arrive. If you are unfamiliar with these techniques – have no fear, we will coach you to success.

Mooching is done from depths of 20′ to 120′. Mooching through schools of bait or along ledges, shelves and pinnacles with a herring and a 4-oz. lead weight can be very productive. This technique can result in the catch of Salmon and various bottom fish including rock fish, ling cod and halibut. Mooching is most effective if done in the presence of large schools of bait fish where salmon are feeding.

Jeff's family is the original owner of the lodge property, purchasing the land from the Federal Government in the 1940′s. Jeff started fishing every summer with his grandfather in the 80's, and was instantly hooked on fishing. Over the years, visiting friends and family would all comment to Jeff, “Wow you should really build a fishing lodge here.” One day in 2005 he did. Today Jeff's property and the land he developed has become known as Chinook Shores — an Alaska fishing lodge for guided and self-guided anglers.