Looking for an unforgettable vacation opportunity that offers something for everyone in your family? Alaska fishing trips are a great way to bond with your family in an environment unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Shea and McKinley

Vast, open spaces and cold waters filled with sea life provide ample opportunity for seeing many types of animals.  Both fishing cruises and airplane tours are great ways to see the beauty of Alaska.  Fishing trips can provide up to 6 days of cruising on the amazing Alaskan waterways, where you and your family can learn the tricks to netting the perfect fish.  Halibut and salmon are especially abundant in Alaska, making them perfect for those who want the best possible chance to catch a big fish.

Alaska fishing resorts offer the best of both worlds:  expertly guided fishing tours, combined with fine Alaskan lodging.  These resorts often include deluxe accommodations with private lodging and full-sized kitchens for easy preparation of family meals.  To get the most out of local fishing, select a location that offers easy walk-up access to a private dock so that you can drop a line in at any time.  By taking advantage of all that fishing lodges and resorts have to offer, you and your family can get the most out of your once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

The beauty of Alaska can be appreciated by travelers of any age.  You never know what kind of wildlife you’ll see, and what kind of experiences you’ll have.  If you want to introduce your family to a new culture and environment, a fishing trip in Alaska is a wonderful break from the ordinary vacation.

For a vacation that will thrill the whole family, consider taking a trip to Alaska.  A fishing resort, complete with experts who know the area and comfortable accommodations will leave you with a lifetime of memories for the entire family.  Take the first step in planning an exciting trip for your family by researching fishing lodges in Alaska online, or by contacting your local travel agent.

Jeff's family is the original owner of the lodge property, purchasing the land from the Federal Government in the 1940′s. Jeff started fishing every summer with his grandfather in the 80's, and was instantly hooked on fishing. Over the years, visiting friends and family would all comment to Jeff, “Wow you should really build a fishing lodge here.” One day in 2005 he did. Today Jeff's property and the land he developed has become known as Chinook Shores — an Alaska fishing lodge for guided and self-guided anglers.