Selecting the Best Alaska Fishing Lodge for Your 2014 Fishing Trip

By on January 1, 2014

Are you planning a fishing trip in Alaska? Alaska has some of the best fishing opportunities available in the US. Halibut and salmon are abundant in the pristine waters, as is the beautiful wildlife in the surrounding areas.

While there are many options available for those who are planning an Alaska fishing trip, not all companies offer the same experience. Depending on what kind of fishing you want to do and what kind of lodging you are looking for, it’s important to find accommodations that are both comfortable and affordable.

Fishing lodges offer the best all-around experience for those who are interested in an authentic Alaskan fishing experience. These locations are typically located either on the beach or close to it for easy access to boats. Chartered boats are fully prepped to take large parties out for day long fishing trips, offering the ultimate in Alaska fishing. Knowledgeable staff and captains take groups to the best areas for the optimum fishing experience, giving you the perfect opportunity to maximize your catch.

When your day of fishing is over, it’s important to have a comfortable and relaxing place to come home to. Fishing lodges offer not only easy access to fishing, but high quality accommodations as well. Lodges which offer fully-furnished chalets are great for families or large groups who want to vacation together. If you are traveling with young children and other folks who may not want to fish, the lodges provide a wonderful home-like environment set in a spectacular wilderness setting.

There truly is something for everyone in Alaska. The abundant wildlife provides a number of opportunities for hiking and exploration. Non-fishing cruises are also available, with numerous opportunities for whale watching and spotting bald eagles.

When planning a fishing trip to Alaska, look for a company that offers easy access to both fishing opportunities and lodging. Selecting a location that offers both opportunities in one place is an easy way to plan a vacation that the whole family can enjoy.

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  1. Norm Smith
    January 1, 2014

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    I have fished all over Alaska and have fished at Chinook Shores many times. Sometimes with my kids and wife, other times just a group of guys. Chinook Shores is the best Alaska fishing area I’ve ever been to. Jeff is fishing the area every day and know where the fish are and what is catching them at that part of the season. Best part? You can catch huge king salmon right in front of the lodge. No running for 2 hours to the big fish grounds. One year we caught our biggest fish of the year not more than 100 yards from the dock!

    For those that are prone to getting seasick this is the place to go! Fish the calm waters and secluded bays of the Ketchikan area. No big rollers, no long hauls to the fishing grounds, and if the wind picks up you just move to a different side of one of the small islands and continue your day of catching fish.

    Are you looking for variety? Kings, silvers, halibut, bottom fish, crabbing, shrimping are all available.

    Not only are there tons of fish to catch but the area surrounding Chinook Shores has some of the prettiest views in the world. Whales, otters, and the biggest concentration of Bald Eagles anywhere. We have a picture my son took off the deck of our cabin/house. There are 17 bald eagles in one tree not 50 feet from the deck. To see them swoop down to the beach below our deck and fight over a salmon carcass is a sight I will never forget.

    My last comment will be about gear. Jeff takes pride in having his rods, reels, line, nets, boats/motors all in great shape. I go there to fish, and to be successful. I like knowing that when I hit the water all the gear is going to work and the rest is up to me.

    So what’s holding you up? Book your trip to Chinook Shores now. Ketchikan is only a 2 hour flight from Seattle and there are many flights per day on Alaska Air.

    BTW, I am not an employee or family member of Chinook Shores. Just an avid fisherman who has fished all over Alaska and have never been treated better by a lodge owner, caught more fish, and had the ease of travel like I have had with Chinook Shores. Call Jeff today and be ready for your trip of a lifetime.

    Norm Smith

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