2019 Ketchikan Fishing Report
May 7, 2019

Source: Alaska Department of Fish & Game (as of May 06, 2019)

2019 Alaska sport fishing licenses are available online at the Alaska Fish & Game (AF&G) Website.

Reel Addiction
It’s a reel addiction — self-guided fishing in Ketchikan Alaska!

King Salmon

Retention of king salmon is prohibited in the Ketchikan area through June 14th. Opportunity to harvest king salmon will be available in areas where Alaska hatchery produced king salmon will be returning. A news release announcing terminal harvest areas will be release later this month.

On June 15th, the majority of the Ketchikan area (District 1) and east Prince of Wales area (District 2) will open with regional king salmon limits, with a few exceptions (see news release and map dated January 7, 2019).

Regionwide Regulations:

  • Bag and possession limit is one king salmon for all anglers, 28 inches or greater in length.
  • For nonresidents, January 1 through June 30, the annual harvest limit is three king salmon 28 inches or greater in length. King salmon retention opens in the Ketchikan area June 15.
  • For nonresidents, July 1 through December 31, the annual harvest limit is one king salmon 28 inches or greater in length, any king salmon harvested from January 1 through June 30 will apply toward the one fish annual limit; harvest record is required.

North and Northeast Behm Canal

  • Salmon fishing is closed year-round in Behm Canal and the contiguous bays enclosed to the north by a line from the western entrance of Bailey Bay to the northern tip of Hassler Island and a line from Fin Point to Dress Point to a line from Cactus Point to Point Eva.

West Behm Canal and East Behm Canal and Southern Revilla Channel

  • April 1- August 14, king salmon retention is prohibited, king salmon may not be retained or possessed; any king salmon caught must be released immediately and returned to the water unharmed.
  • In West Behm Canal and the contiguous bays enclosed to the north by a line from the western entrance of Bailey Bay to the northern tip of Hassler Island and a line from Fin Point to Dress Point and to the south by a line from Mike Point to Indian Point.
  • In the waters of southern Revilla Channel enclosed from a line from Lucky Point to Middy Point, continuing to the Latitude of Beaver Point and from Point Rosen to Quadra Point and in southeast Behm Canal from Cactus Point to Eva Point.


The lingcod season opens May 16th.


A few reports form anglers targeting halibut have been good and should continue to improve into the summer.


Rockfish are available year-round. Pelagic and non-pelagic rockfish provide good fishing in the Ketchikan area year-round.

  • Pelagic rockfish – 5 per day; ten in possession
  • Non-pelagic rockfish – one per day; nonresident anglers have an annual limit of one yelloweye rockfish.

Anglers are reminded that beginning January 1, 2020, all marine boat anglers will be required to carry and utilize Rockfish Deepwater Release Devices. Visit the ADF&G Rockfish Conservation webpage for additional information and stop by the Ketchikan office to get a free deep water release device.


Anglers are required to obtain a free permit for sport, personal use and subsistence shrimp harvest for each calendar year. 2019 Southeast Shrimp Permits are available online at the ADF&G store or at your local ADF&G office. The shrimp harvest, location, and number of pots pulled must be recorded each day, and the permit must be returned to ADF&G or reported online at the end of the year.

Freshwater Fishing

Steelhead reports have been very positive this spring. Roadside anglers should try Ward Creek or Ketchikan Creek for steelhead, or if remote fishing is on your agenda, try the Naha River, McDonald Lake, or Fish Creek.

Rainbow, cutthroat trout and Dolly Varden fishing will continue to improve as water temperatures rise. Anglers targeting trout may want to fish Ward Lake, Talbot Lake, Harriet Hunt Lake, and Ketchikan Creek on the Ketchikan road system; or the various small lakes on Gravina Island which can now be accessed from the road system from the airport.

Be sure to check the 2019 Southeast Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations. The Ketchikan Area Freshwater Special Regulations can be found on pages 30-32. Regulations vary depending on the waters you plan to fish.

Interactive Fishing Location Maps

For more information about popular fishing locations and information on species run timing, fishing gear selections, and boat and angler access, try the AF&G Ketchikan interactive map.