5 Salmon Species Found in Alaska
December 31, 2016

King (Chinook) Salmon: King Salmon, also known as Chinook, have a blue-gray back with silvery sides. Small irregular shaped black spots are found on back, dorsal fin, and usually on both lobes of the tail. This species has a black mouth with black gums at the base of teeth and lower jaw.

Alaska Salmon Species
Diagram Courtesy of Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Coho (Silver) Salmon: Cohos, also known as Silvers, have greenish-blue backs with silvery sides. There are small black spots on the back, dorsal fin and usually on upper lobe of tail only. Silvers have a black mouth with WHITE gums at the base of teeth on the lower jaw.

Chum (Dog) Salmon: Chum salmon, also known as Dog salmon, have a dull grey back with yellowish-silver sides. There are no distinctive spots on the back or tail areas. Chums have large eye pupils that cover nearly the entire eye. Spawning adults develop olive green coloratin on the back with maroon sides. Males have many large canine-like teeth.

Pink (Humpy) Salmon: Pink salmon, also known as Humpies, have very large spots on the back and large black oval blotches on both tail lobes. Humpies scales are very small. Spawning adults take on a dull gray coloration on the back and upper sides with a creamy white color below. Males develop an extremely pronounced hump.

Sockey (Red) Salmon: Sockey salmon, also known as Red salmon, have dark blue-black back with silvery sides. Spawning sockey adults develop dull green colored heads and brick-red to scarlet bodies.