Awesome Fishing Adventure
September 23, 2013

I took my dad and younger brother to Chinook Shores in early September 2013 and we had a great time fishing there. They have one of the best self guided packages which includes use of a 20 foot boat and tackle included. The late Silver salmon run was great and we had the freedom to go fishing for them anytime we wanted to. It only takes about 5 minutes to the fishing grounds from the lodge! Very convenient!

The accommodations were awesome as the chalets were very roomy with all of the comforts of home. The chalets also have a washer and dryer in each of them so you can travel light and bring the minimum amount of clothing. What blew me away was the water front view from the balcony. Nothing like having a beer while looking at a priceless view after a long day of fishing. The owner Jeff is one of the most friendliest guys around and his small staff are always helpful. The lodge only takes a small amount of clients per week so you will never feel lost in a crowd. During your entire stay, you will just feel relaxed and have the freedom to do whatever you want and at your own pace.

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