Chinook Shores Lodge Employees Successfully Complete COVID Clean Coursework
December 16, 2020

KETCHIKAN, ALASKA / December 17, 2020 – Chinook Shores Lodge, a premier Southeast Alaska fishing lodge specializing in guided charters, self-guided fishing and wildlife viewing, today announced employee participation and successful completion of The Safety Specialists (TSS) COVID Clean – Taking Care of Business course.

TSS’s COVID Clean – Taking Care of Business consists of 11 lessons covering a range of topics such as COVID-19 virus transmission, coronavirus and business, workplace prevention planning, workplace hazard assessment, controls for prevention, employee health, mask and PPE processes and procedures, cleaning and sanitizing protocols, cleaning safety, management and communications. The course is conducted online and finalized with a short quiz.

“During the global coronavirus pandemic, we immediately implemented new policies and procedures that allowed us to operate, and while we successfully hosted 400 guests during our 2020 season without a single COVID-19 incident, we are always looking for improved protocols and strategies to mitigate risk,” said lodge owner, Jeff Wedekind.

COVID Clean – Taking Care of Business was developed by TSS’s certified safety specialists to help communities, employers and employees fully understand workplace safety issues related to COVID-19. It offers key strategies for prevention by encouraging good hygiene practices and the most up-to-date recommendations by public health agencies on use and care of masks and PPE in the workplace.

“Nearly 100 people have taken advantage of the scholarship program,” said TSS, Inc. CEO Renee Schofield, “There are scholarship funds available for approximately 50 more people to take this course free of charge.”

The course is free to Ketchikan-area businesses and their employees through funding made available by the City of Ketchikan, utilizing CARES Act funds.  The COVID Clean scholarship program ends December 29 after which TSS will continue to offer the course at $79 per person.

“We are grateful for the efforts business leaders and community officials are making to keep locals safe and the economy thriving in Ketchikan,” Angerman stated. “We are looking forward to the 2021 sport fishing season and continuing our operations with the highest standards of COVID-19 prevention.”

Chinook Shores Lodge is located 15 miles north of Ketchikan International Airport in Southeast Alaska on Revillagigedo Island. Accommodations include waterfront beach houses and vacation rentals with hot tub spa, cable TV, WiFi, fully equipped kitchens, outdoor areas with BBQ grills and pier/dock access to marine facility with fishing boat rentals. Guests enjoy guided charter fishing, self-guided fishing, unguided fishing, eagle and whale watching, kayaking and hiking. For more information, visit: and Follow Jeff’s BlogFacebookInstagram, Linkedin, Parler, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

TSS, Inc. offers safety services and training for businesses, agencies and organizations looking to ensure a safe workplace, community and home. For more information visit


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2020 delivered new challenges with some of the best fishing we’ve seen in years! In four months we hosted more than 400 anglers and had zero covid-19 cases at the lodge.