Private Beach & Dock

When you stay and fish at Chinook Shores, the self guided fishing boats and guided fishing boats will always be moored at our private dock located right out your front door. Fishing in Ketchikan is easy and you can come and go as you please. Did you forget your fishing license in your bedroom? No problem, walk up the dock to your beach house and get it. At our water front resort you can stay and fish without all the driving, planning and logistics to worry about. The dock is equipped with running fresh and salt water, a large covered fish cleaning table, crab cookers and a huge fish rack to hang your catch for a photo. Our dock hands are always there to help you tie up the boat, unload and clean fish, get you tackle and bait and answer any questions. Guests enjoy our private beach with easy access to Knudson Cove Marina and Clover Pass. Enjoy our private pier and dock and beach during your stay.

Fishing Off The Dock

Shea and McKinley take a work break to fish off the dock at Chinook Shores Lodge. Dropping a line off the dock is fun for anglers of all ages. Here is a description of some of the things you might catch: Directly under the float are small perch – we call them pogies. Pogies only get about 3-4 inches long but there are thousands of them. Bait a small hook with some herring, drop it about three feet into the water and watch them swarm out from under the dock to attack it. This is typically the favorite fishery for children as they can watch the fish bite. If you can get your bait to the bottom (30-40 ft) or better yet use a small jig you will hook into rockfish, starry flounder, and in August – spiny dog fish (sand sharks) which get up to four feet long. We encourage anglers to release the small rockfish caught off the dock so future anglers can catch them as well. These non-pelagic rock fish are territorial and it doesn’t take long to fish them out. When the Pink salmon and Silver salmon are running you can cast a pixie off the dock. This isn’t as productive as targeting schools of fish in the boats but occasionally you’ll hook into one. I don’t recommend spending a lot of time doing this unless you see some salmon jumping near the dock. Our Alaska bareboat rental fleet is second to none and just steps away from your private beach chalet!