Fifty-six runners ran ‘like it was 1776
July 7, 2023

Fifty-six runners from across the nation gathered near Madison Lumber and Hardware on the fine morning of July 4, 2023. They ranged in age from 64 years to 4 years, hailing from places such as New London, Connecticut; Bartow, Florida; Wingate, North Carolina; Kaysville, Utah; Chester, Nebraska; Buford, Georgia; and even Ward Cove, Alaska.

“It was fun,” said Chloe Christy, the first female runner to finish the race on Tuesday.

Christy was participating in the race with some other members of the staff at Chinook Shores Lodge. A fleet runner from Utah with prep-level experience in cross-country and track, Christy reached the finish line with a time of 10:46.1, the seventh top time overall.


Written By SCOTT BOWLEN Ketchikan Daily News Staff Writer