Pink Salmon Fishing


The Pink or Humpy salmon (Oncorhynchus Gorbuscha) is the smallest of the pacific salmon at 3-4 pounds and is the most widely caught. Pink salmon are mild in flavor and are great eating provided it is properly taken care of. Commercial caught pink salmon are harvested in great abundance and are typically canned. Pink Salmon are strictly a 2 year fish so there is no relation between the even and odd year runs. Alaskans enjoy pinks annually with rivers and streams supporting separate runs each year.

DESCRIPTION: Ocean fresh pinks are silver bright with a slight pink sheen. Pinks have small scales and large oval spots covering the back and tail. As pinks near fresh water they turn olive green with white bellies and the males develop large humps on their backs.

AVAILABILITY: Pinks will show up in late June but are most abundant in August. There will be a few pinks left in September but they will have begun to turn green and are not typically good eating.

FISHING TECHNIQUES: Pinks will bight herring, spoons and hoochies trolled at shallow depths. The most reliable rig is a white flasher with a pink hoochie. Pinks travel in large schools and give away their presence by frequent jumping.

Pink Salmon