Labor Day 2014: An Alaska Fishing Lodge Perspective
September 1, 2014

Some hardworking Americans say, a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. We couldn’t agree more; however, we also belive there’s no such thing as a bad day fishing. As a matter of fact, the fishing has been fantastic this year!

September brings great things like Labor Day weekend and the Fall silver salmon run. And, the silvers have been huge! It can take a little work for anglers to sometimes get silvers in the boat, but if you ask them they’ll tell you, it’s all very good.

Today we’d like to thank the self-guided anglers who chose Chinook Shores as the destination for their 2014 Labor Day weekend sport fishing vacation.

We’d also like to thank the efforts of our crew who have worked tirelessly to keep this fishing lodge running all summer long… especially on Labor Day.