McKinley Angerman Kellogg received bachelor’s degree, accepts position with Chinook Shores Lodge
April 18, 2019

McKinley Angerman Kellogg, granddaughter of Wrangell residents Dick and Barbara Angerman, has recently earned her bachelor’s degree and has also accepted a management position with Chinook Shores Lodge in Ketchikan. Kellogg received her degree on March 23, in environmental science, from Western Washington University.

McKinley Angerman Kellogg
McKinley Kellogg

“I chose this degree because I was really interested to learn more about the natural environment,” she said in an email. “Working at the lodge provided amazing opportunities for me to see wildlife and marine life up close on a regular basis.”

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McKinley Angerman Kellogg demonstrates how to filet a halibut at Chinook Shores Lodge.