Alaska Fishing Lodge: Travel Newsletter

Maybe you booked a fishing trip to Alaska this summer, or maybe you’re still trying to decide. Hopefully these frequently asked questions will provide some last minute answers or serve as a reminder of what to bring!

Getting Here

It’s best to book the northbound Alaska Airlines flight #179 which departs Seattle at 10:20am and arrives Ketchikan at 11:19am. It you can’t make that connection, Alaska Airlines flight #173 departs Seattle at 2:05pm and Delta Airlines flight #4810 departs Seattle at 12:45pm.

We recommend southbound Alaska Airlines flight #60 which departs Ketchikan at 9:12am or Alaska Airlines flight #178 which departs Ketchikan at 12:30pm.

What to Pack

The weather in Ketchikan can range from 50-70 degrees in the summer. We recommend you plan to wear layers when you pack as you could be comfortable wearing a tank top, t-shirt or sweatshirt on any given day. Deck slippers, hiking boots or tennis shores are most comfortable on the boast. But, you do not need to pack rain boots, rain jackets or rain pants because we have an ample supply of rain gear in all sizes that you can check out and use the entire time you are here.

Where to Eat and Drink

Alaska Fishing Lodge Meals

There’s nothing better than catching wild Alaska salmon and halibut, and eating it that very same day. That’s why our beach chalets feature full sized kitchens and propane BBQ’s under each private covered porch. When you arrive in Ketchikan, our van driver will meet your party at the airport and take you to Safeway or A&P where you can purchase all of the food and beverage item’s you’ll need for an enjoyable stay. If you don’t feel like cooking, no problem. You’ll find a fish and chip restaurant within walking distance or a variety of bars and grills within as little as five miles away from Chinook Shores Lodge.

Favorite Tackle

Our boats are well equipped with everything you’ll need – Salmon and halibut fishing rods, Penn Senator 113H Halibut Fishing Reels, GPS chart plotters, fish finders, down riggers and more! We stock your boat with some basic tackle and supplies that we know work best in the salt water fishing areas. Anything else you might want to try you can purchase in our bait and tackle store. Feel free to bring fresh water gear if you want to try fresh water fishing at two of the nearby streams — both within 10-20 miles from the lodge an accessible by land and by sea.

Shipping Fish

Plan on taking home whatever you can catch. Our dock hands will unload your boat, fillet, vacuum pack and freeze your fish each day. When it’s time for you to go home, we’ll box everything up in 25 and 50 pound freezer boxes and you can check it as a bag at the airport upon your departing flight. Your fish will be nice and cold when you get home. If you have to overnight in Seattle, you can check your fish boxes into Ken’s Baggage and Frozen Food Storage between carousels #12 and #13 at Sea-Tac International Airport.

Check 2pm / Checkout 11am & Shuttle Service

Alaska Fishing Lodge Transportation

If you prefer not to rent a car, airport shuttle service to and from Chinook Shores Lodge is available. When you arrive Ketchikan International Airport, simply take the airport ferry across to the city side and look for either the white Chinook Shores Ford F-150 or our 15-passenger van.