Silver Salmon Season in Ketchikan, Alaska: Fishing and Catching Coho
August 5, 2014

While many people prefer fishing for Chinook salmon (aka King salmon) during the months of May and June in Ketchikan, other anglers prefer fishing for Coho salmon (aka Silver salmon) in September. The primary reason being that is the bag limit for Silver salmon is six (6) per day whereas the King salmon has a bag limit of one (1) per day.

Ketchikan Alaska Silver Fishing
Silver Salmon Caught at Survey Point in Clover Pass
Ketchikan Silver
Anglers (young and old) enjoy fishing for Silvers because they put up a good fight!

Coho salmon have green spotted backs and a boxy tail with silver streaks — hence the “Silver” nickname. Silvers have only a few spots on the upper part of the fin, and as the male Coho nears fresh water his nose will hook and the fish will eventually turn a golden color.

Silvers typically range in size from 3 to 20 lbs, and Ketchikan’s Fall run tends to produced larger Silvers ranging between 10-15 lbs in size. The Fall Silver salmon run begins in late August and continues through mid October.

Silver Salmon Fishing Techniques

Coho bite best on herring or green hoochies trolled behind a flasher from depths of 70′ to the surface. Mooching cut plug herring is also very effective when large schools are encountered.

Silver Salmon Recipes

2015 September Fishing Package

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