A Day in the Life of a Dockhand

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How to Fillet a King Salmon

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Do you know what time it is? It’s FISH:30

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Video: Chinook Shores Lodge in Ketchikan, Alaska

Post by Chinook Shores Lodge.

Humpbacks Gone Wild in Ketchikan Alaska


Ray and Linda Booker hooked this halibut on a fishing trip at Chinook Shores. We didn’t get a good measurement on this fish but we estimated it at almost 6′ long which puts it close to 200 lb.

Fathers Day Halibut – Ketchikan Alaska

Fathers day fishing for halibut in Ketchikan Alaska.

Allisons 41 lb Chinook (King Salmon) Ketchikan Alaska

King Salmon fishing at Chinook Shores Lodge, Ketchikan, Alaska. Allison York – Angler. Jeff Wedekind – Guide, Jenn Hofmann Nomad Charities

Halibut Fishing at Chinook Shores Lodge

Halibut fishing for teens in Ketchikan Alaska at Chinook Shores Lodge.

Killer Coho Salmon Fishing Ketchikan Alaska

Non-stop action, the bite was hot all day. Biggest coho was 17lb. Fishing at Chinook Shores Lodge in Ketchikan Alaska